Click to enlargeThis is great!! a new, low noise version of the 
famous 12AY7 tube used in most all Fender Tweed Amps
Check it out with new Deville, Hot Rod, Blues Jr. amps

Have you got a Blues Deville, Hot Rod Devile, Blues Deluxe, Hot Rod Deluxe, Blues Jr. Fender amps?

check it out. Put a 12AY7 in tube #1 locations (looking at the back of the amp, starting on the right) for an awesome, Classic tone. A huge improvement for these amps

The 12AY7 has slightly less gain than a 12AT7, (12AY7 gain = 44, 12AT7 gain = 60, 12AX7 gain = 100) and a very different tone.

It can be used in any position in the amp and replaces a 12AX7 or 12AT7 with no changes to the amp needed.

12AY7's were also used in tube audio during the Golden Age of tubes. They have a great, linear, clean tone.

This new EH tube also takes advantage of the EH low noise technology.

Overall, a great 12AY7 tube.

12AY7 EH - (6072 ) Hints on using the "Tweed tone tube"
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