Click to enlargeTotally cool! a real 7591 in the "small bottle" size
popular in vintage amps

Finally! A real small bottle 7591 tube from JJ. Real nice heavy glass and perfect specs. This is the tube we have all been waiting for, a high quality 7591 that meets all the original specifications and demands.

Shown in the photo next to a real "nude base" NOS 7591.

Heaven for your old Ampeg, Gibson, Supro etc. the exact right tube!

Lots of Audio amps, such as Scotts, Eicos and MacIntosh amps used the 7591 tube and in most of these amps they designed the amp around the small power tube.

They may have a cage over the amp circuit the just clears the tubes, or they are inside an enclosure, again, designed to just barely clear the tube.

This new small bottle tube will fit these amps easily, allowing the cage to be used again, and giving the amp the performance it was designed for.

The 7591 is NOT another 6V6 tube. It is one of the most modern audio tubes with plate current more like a 6L6 or EL34. it is capable of a lot more power with tremendous frequency response in a small package.

An often used description is "half of a 6550".

We will be incorporating this tube in new audio amp designs in the near future, as well as restoring a WHOLE LOT of vintage Eico Mac and Scott stuff.

"Why aren't there any New Old Stock 7591 tubes"?

The Scott/Mac/Eico stereo tube amps have been extremely desirable in Asia for a long time and an awful lot of them used 7591 tubes.

At some point in the late 1980's, early 1990's an Asian Man came to the U.S. and purchased every single 7591 for sale from everyone all at once. All the NOS that was available.

There has been a serious drought of these tubes since then. Some have shown up that were not available for sale at that time (like the single shown here), but not enough for the needs of the audio world

The real nice EH tube is a true 7591, but it is a larger bottle, the size of a 6L6. Fine for the guitar amps, but no deal for the audio amps..

Listed price is for one (1) tube. Order two or four for matched sets.

Pairs and quads are ALWAYS MATCHED when you buy them from Torres Engineering

7591 NEW JJ small bottle tubes - the best!
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price is for one tube, order 2 or 4 for your matched set: 
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