Blues Jr point to point mod NEW DOWNLOAD
The new Torres Engineering Blues Jr. Point to point rebuild DOWNLOAD

Blues Jr
Everyone, all over the world, has been asking for a real high quality rebuild for this convenient little amp.

he Fender Blues Jr. is a nice size and useful power range, a great platform to make a cool high performance amp at a great price.

Our new point to point super clean layout mod is built on a vintage style terminal board for true point to point performance.

Parts are the best possible, audiophile capacitors, carbon comp resistors, switchcraft jacks (no more plastic junk) and NOS tube sockets.

Circuit design:
The Blues Jr. stock circuit is sort of a "crippled boogie" with an extra gain stage built in but not used very well, a solid state reverb (yechh!) and "economical" parts throughout. The circuit is somewhat "boxy" and constrained to many musicians ears too.

Our new circuit adds an extra preamp tube plus a fantastic sounding tube driven reverb. The amp takes  advantage of the extra gain stage and has a complete redesign of the fat switch for DOUBLE the boost on the footswitch, a new "ultra frequency" phase inverter for far more tonal range, a new Torres Dual Stage Master (much better then the primitive master used) and an all new tone circuit for a bigger, more open tone - a classic Fender tone with lots more "guts" (based on the "Brown Fender" early Pre CBS amp tone circuit with a tapped treble pot.)

Also included are push pull midrange boost and push pull gain boost controls and A TORRES CUSTOM DESIGN WEBER COPPER CAP CHASSIS MOUNT TUBE RECTIFIER. The power tubes are changed over to Class A cathode bias for tons of sustain and warmth.

Noise reduction: unbelievable!

The Preamp tubes are put on "DC filaments" the quietest high tech way to run the tubes. Noise floor is so low you can not tell the amp is on.

The power supply has much larger filter caps (and more of them) and a choke/inductor is added in place of the less effective resistor.

This is a completely new amp with tonal character to match and beat the best boutique amps and even blow away classic super expensive pre CBS Fenders.

This amp is very famous nation-wide and world wide for tone, punch and performance. One of the best amps there is

It has tone for everyone - fantastic clean tones, full and rich, with big bottom end and sweet highs, fantastic blues tone, singing and with slight breakup, rock-on rock tone with big bad crunch and monster sustain - and beyond with all the gain boosts engaged - tons of drive!!

The doubled up fat switch gives you a great rhythm to lead boost still footswichable like the original

The improved hardware gets rid of the undependable plastic jacks on input and speaker! (we have actually seen blues jr's come in for repair that had the speaker jacks fail - wow, is that dangerous for your amp)

The added preamp tube is a 5751 for the Classic modern sweet tone but all tube sockets are wired to take any preamp tube. 12AX7, 12AT7, 12AY7, 12AU7, 5751, 7025, 12AV7, 12AZ7 etc. anything you want to experiment with.

The EL84 power tubes are wired as Class A cathode bias - some call it automatic bias - Cathode bias has really incredible sustain and slight compression for a much more musical amp. it also does "set itself" to a degree making bias adjustment not as much of a concern as the stock amp.

Plate voltage is actually INCREASED in the amp with some very tricky "secret transformer knowledge"

All controls remain the same and the front panel layout is exactly the same. It uses your original faceplate.

The Copper Cap rectifier tube also adds compression and sustain and is a high tech add on for the amp circuit providing really great performance and endless life.

the kit below  includes all the parts, layout and instructions to rebuild your Blues Jr. all new pots, tube sockets,  power supply, point to point circuit board, capacitors, carbon comp resistors, jacks and hardware. You use your existing on-off switch, TUBES and transformers.

an all new reverb transformer and reverb tank  for incredible reverb tone

Overall one of our best rebuild designs ever. check it out.  This is a high-skill level mod. you should have good experience building and working on tube amps and have very good assembly, electronic and soldering skills. Not a beginner project. This kit is a little bit tough to do.  follow the drawings very accurately or it will not come out.

requires drilling and installing quite a bit of hardware.

this is the kit and download version of our in-shop modification .

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Blues Jr. Boutique amp Point To Point DOWNLOAD
DO7738 Blues Jr$4.95

Blues Jr. Point to Point Download PARTS KITBlues Jr. Point to Point Download PARTS KIT

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