Click to enlargeThe newest Amp Overhaul kits!!

For the famous Fender AB165 Bassman head, black face or silver face.

Finally, NEW Torres Overhaul kits to fully rebuild these great heads with all new capacitors, resistors, switches, sockets, jacks, pots and all the right parts.

Refresh the amp completely and get it back to where it was when it was made in the 1960's!!

These kits are very effective and a lot of fun to install.

Plus, THE NEW Torres BEEFED UP overhaul kits!

Get more punch, more bass response, better highs, improved transient response, lower noise - overall - killer performance from the Torres "Beefed up overhaul mods"

The "Beefed up" overhaul includes all the parts for overhauling the amp, all the caps, resistors from the normal kit AND important power supply parts are replaced with a redesigned supply including lots of great high tech that will give the amp much more punch, no "ghost notes", much better bass response, highly improved transient response and high end response - more chime, most bottom, more mids, more of everything!!

AB165 Bassman Kit #1.

This kit includes all the Carbon Composition resistors, all the signal capacitors - Torres custom Orange drop caps - ALL THE FILTER CAPS and power supply resistors! (A new feature on this kit.) Plus a layout drawing and instructions for assembly.

AB165 Bassman Kit #2.

Kit #2 includes all of Kit #1 plus all new jacks, switches, tube sockets, and new CTS volume and tone pots. Plus new rectifier and bias supply diodes and parts. PLUS A NEW SET OF KNOBS for a fresh, clean look. A complete, detailed rebuild.

Bassman BEEFED UP AB165 Overhaul Kit 1
Bassman BEEFED UP AB165 Overhaul Kit 1

Bassman BEEFED UP AB165 Overhaul Kit 2
Bassman BEEFED UP AB165 Overhaul Kit 2

Fender AB165 Bassman Head Overhaul Kit  #2
Fender AB165 Bassman Head Overhaul Kit #2

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