MATCHED PREAMP TUBES 12AX7, 12AT7 preamp tubes
"Bassman Magic"
"Bright Switches"
"Cabinet Voiced" Line Out Kit
"Hot Fender" Kit
"Inside Tube Amps"AVAILABLE ON KINDLE NOW! Everyone has learned about tube amps from this book!
"Kill that Master!"
"Lost knowledge" on tube amps
"Perfect Prince" Princeton kit
"Stratocasters" article
"Triple Killer Switch"
"Tweaking tubes"
"What the hell are filter caps?"
1980's Riveria Design Fender kit
4 in 1 Bassman rebuild kit for the Fender Reissue Bassman amp
50 or 100 Watt Bullet Proof Kit
50-100 Watt switch
Marshall "Technician only" kits
DOWNLOAD the funky/cool Alamo Challenger 5W amp
DOWNLOAD Gretsch Oahu 5W Class A amp - super cool
DOWNLOAD the killer Deville/Hotrod/Blues DUMBLE AMP MOD
DOWNLOAD The Ultra Hot "Boogie" Torres Tube amp
Fender Deville, Hotrod and Blues Deluxe DOWNLOAD point to point mods
NEW "Wild Boar" In-Shop Mod for the Pignose Tube Amplifier
Mods for the Fender Blues Jr. including point to point rebuild!!
DOWLOAD Fixing the Fender Vibrato
DOWNLOAD The RETROLUX 20/40 Watt All tube "BEST KITS in the world" series
___Tube Info____
Add Reverb to a Fender Champ or Vibro Champ
Adjustable Bias Conversion
Amp Gain Boost Kit
Amp Midrange Boost EZ Kit
AMP PLANS & Downloads

Ampeg Tricks
Articles I am working on. I will try to have them available as downloads soon
Articles on hold right now. Not available
Assembling or installing a new body and neck
Avoiding Disaster
Better Bias
Blues Jr. "Blues forever" tone mod
Blues Jr. "Blues Forever" tube set AWESOME!
Blues Jr. Boutique amp Point To Point DOWNLOAD
Blues Jr. Point to Point Download PARTS KIT
BluesKaster Deluxe strat pre-wired harness - COOL! CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

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