Click to enlarge NEW. Point to point wired "4 in 1" Tweed Bassman 5F6 model Did you know that if you took the part values out of a 5F6 Bassman amp schematic it would look the same as several other popular amps?

The circuit was "borrowed" by Marshall and modified to some degree over the years, some for change, but some just because of different part availablity in Europe.

Same thing with the Vox series amps. The circuit looks the same without part values on the schematic.

Our Newest Kit has the layouts and parts included to build the amp in any one of four different circuits. (the kit does not build 4 amps, it is 4 versions of the single amp).

The original classic Fender Tweed Bassman Circuit.

The Marshall Plexi circuit.

The Marshall Super Lead circuit.

and our variation on the
Vox AC30 Top Boost circuit with scooped out midrange and very different tone control function and sound.

All versions use your original tubes but could be converted to EL34's if you wish. The tube sockets are rewired in the kit to accept either 6L6/5881, KT66, EL34 or 6CA7 tubes.

The kit is a complete point to point, hand wired project on an exact layout eyelet circuit board and includes all the parts, pots, NEW MALLORY 150 SERIES capacitors, carbon composition resistors,power supply filter caps (different versions too, illustrated instructions and detailed layouts for all 4 circuits, and, depending on the kit you select, tube sockets, transformers, tubes, switches, jacks, pilot light, even the 4 x 10" Tweed Cabinet is available for a complete hand wired boutique amp!

This is a fairly easy to build amp kit and if you have some experience repairing, modifying, or making tube amps it should be just a weekend project.

Also available as a completed amp - pick your "4 in 1" choice!

Kit Info: How does it work?

Your kit will have four layout drawings, one for each of the variations of the circuit. It will have some extra parts to account for the differences in the 4 circuits. (many parts are the same in all the circuits)

The parts remain in the same locations, but their values change for each circuit

Pick the one you want to build and assemble your circuit board as per that drawing

The rest of the layout drawing show where to connect the tube sockets and other parts.

Note: Kits with no chassis have a "stand up" power transformer. Kits with the Chassis have the "drop through" transformer necessary for that chassis.

4 in 1 Bassman Basic Kit

Regular price: $999.00
Torres discount price: $695.95
"4 in 1" Tweed bassman kit with chassis
"4 in 1" Tweed bassman kit with chassis

Regular price: $1,205.00
Torres discount price: $895.95
"4 in 1" Tweed Bassman Kit with Cabinet!

Regular price: $2,200.00
Torres discount price: $1,299.95

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