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Looking for the new “Big Dipper”© tone? or better put, the Perfect Classic Clean Strat "out of phase" killer tone!

 The sound of the new Fender John Mayer guitar© with the Fender "Big Dipper"¡©  pickups with the scooped out midrange and lots of highs and lows?
Welcome to the even newer Torres Handwound © pickup line.

The new Torres BUZKUT© Strat Pickup set have that great tone with sweet “middle position” tones and singing character from each pickup individually.

 A magnificent chime and ring, incredibly musical and satisfying.

The Tone is amazing – clarity, clean, huge bottom end, fantastic highs, and with the midrange scooped out, BUT the Torres BUZKUT© line has something the Fender does not – it has POWER, lots of it – as much or more then a SRV Strat©, yet has this ultra clean, scooped midrange totally “Funky” tone.

And all this power leads to another BIG BUZKUT advantage - SUSTAIN, clean, strong and long - a guitarist's dream!

This is considered impossible, but you can hear it with a new BUZKUT® set right away today.

The other feature with the BUZKUT® pickup is the lower noise (get it - BUZZ CUT). They are true Single coils but you will find much, much less of the single coil buzz with these beautiful Handwound made in the U.S.A. Torres Pickups.

 Thel BUZKUT concept was designed by Dan Torres 25 years ago and is long-since patented.
There are no preamps, no inductors, no hidden electronics – it is a new concept in pickup winding and produces clean sounding, powerful pickups that can not be matched by anything in the world.

They drive pedals with incredible tone and much, much, better impedance matching then any other pickups, and all amps love the high volume input, clean or distorted, tube, Solid State or Hybrid amps.

Available in single pickups, sets and as pre-wired harnesses. BUZKUT pickups fit standard Stratocasters, pickguards, covers, and all hardware with absolutely no modification needed.

All BUZKUT pickups are made in our shop in San Mateo, hand scatter-wound on hand-assembled coils with custom made Alnico 5 magnets. All pickups are potted/sealed in Paraffin wax and middle pickups are RWRP (reverse wound, reverse polarity) for noise reduction.

Phasing matches existing pickups so BUZKUT pickups can be used in combination with any other Strat Pickups with no problems.

Nothing but the highest possible quality and craftsmanship go into every single pickup from the Torres Shop.

We recommend 250k or 100K volume pots with the BUZKUT pickups andhave a special volume kit designed for their frequency response. If you want clarity, smooth tone, cleaned up midrange, and absolutely fantastic bass and high end – the BUZKUT is the best pickup in the world.

BUZKUT Strat Pickup (1)
BUZKUT Strat Pickup (1)

Regular price: $124.95
Torres discount price: $72.95
BUZKUT Strat matched set (3)
BUZKUT Strat matched set (3)

Regular price: $352.45
Torres discount price: $210.95
Torres BUZKUT Vintagekaster complete Strat prewired pickguard
Torres BUZKUT Vintagekaster complete Strat prewired pickguard

Regular price: $400.00
Torres discount price: $269.95
Torres BUZKUT Blueskaster PreWired pickguard
Torres BUZKUT Blueskaster PreWired pickguard

Regular price: $495.00
Torres discount price: $295.95

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