Our new set of kits for the famous Fender Tweed Champ with all new COLOR instructions! .

The most popular models (and best sounding) are the 5F1 and 5E1 amps.

(the 5E1 uses a choke in the power supply the 5F1 does not, there are also circuit board variations)

These amps have one 12AX7 preamp tube (you can use a 12AY7 or 5751 too) one 6V6 single ended Class A power tube, and a 5Y3 rectifier tube.

Your new Torres kit includes parts for BOTH AMPS, plus layouts for BOTH.

PLUS, you get the parts to build an Aged circuit - the cool sounding amps are the actual old ones. One of the characteristics of a "real" vintage amp is the drift of part values.

Parts for this mod are included too.

PLUS, the amp is real simple with just a volume control. We have designed and added a TWEED TYPE very effective tone control as an option for this kit. THESE PARTS ARE INCLUDED ALSO.

Bias is always a concern with cathode bias amps (yes, it can be set) a Bias monitor is installed on the circuit board and parts and instructions included to set the bias correctly.

Carbon Comp resistors, orange drop caps, high quality transformers (multi output impedance output trans), the Torres custom made eyelet circuit board, switchcraft jacks and all the parts, materials, tubes, nuts and bolts, etc. are included.

Plus full layout drawings and instructions.

Overall, a cool kit and great price.

What is the "8 in 1" thing?

You can build 8 distinct amplifiers from this kit with no extra parts needed

Since the kit includes both the original and the Torres Aged circuit, and the
option of adding a tone control, PLUS parts for the 5E1 and 5F1 amps (two different models and designs) you can have:
  1. 5E1 with original circuit
  2. 5E1 with aged circuit
  3. 5E1 with original circuit and tone control
  4. 5E1 with aged circuit and tone control
  5. 5F1 with original circuit
  6. 5F1 with aged circuit
  7. 5F1 with original circuit and tone control
  8. 5F1 with aged circuit and tone control

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Review in Vintage Guitar - Torres "8 in 1" Tweed Champ Kit

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