Click to enlarge Torres Point to Point rebuild fender reissue amps This is the most popular thing in the music world right now.

 We invented this technology and have been doing the world's best rebuild of these amps for a long time - it makes the amps sound absolutely incredible - up to the quality and musical character of a Real Pre CBS Fender amp.

For all these Fender amps:torres logo
Reissue Deluxe Reverb
Reissue Twin Reverb
Reissue Super Reverb
Reissue Vibroverb
Reissue Vibrolux Reverb
Rissue Tweed Bassman

All amps are built to the correct Pre CBS specs, the best models of each amp.

The entire (lousy) Fender Printed circuit board is removed from the amp and an all new Torres point to point (ptp is the internet term) correct Vintage Fender style eyelet board installed and wired.

New pots and controls, new switchcraft jacks, all carbon composition resistors, Mallory super quality caps and all hand wired point to point.

A new Point to Point correct value power supply with the highest quality correctly formed filter caps is also installed!! (Fender really missed it on the power supply for these amps)

The power sockets on the amps with 6L6 tubes are wired to use all these tubes:
 6L6 – 6L6GC 6L6GW, 6L6-STR and all other 6L6 variations, 5881, KT66, EL34, KT77, KT88, 6550, 6CA7, KT90, KT120, and 6V6 All with just adjustment of bias
A GIGANTIC advantage with your Torres Rebuilt amp. You can try out and use all the tubes!

Adjustable bias set up correctly and all 100% tested

Standard price uses your reverb, tubes (new tube sets are available of course), the original transformers, on-off, standby switches, fuse holder and tube sockets.
New transformers are available if you wish. Let us know what you want installed.

We have been doing this for a long time - we introduced it to the world many years ago when these amps first came out.

We do not need the whole amp, we just need the chassis and tubes.

Repairs are not included in the rebuild, but certainly we are one of the best repair shops in the world and can fix anything you want fixed.

there are many options for your custom/vintage amp - call for more help if you want some other features added

Blues Deville, Blues Deluxe, Blues Jr, Hotrod Deville, Hotrod Deluxe amps are not reissues of anything and are not included here - Check it out! A full point to point rebuild mod for the HotRod and Deville Amps

reissue fenderRegular price: $1,000.00Torres discount price: $695.95
Return Shipping is $75.00 in the U.S.: 

Optional Line Out installed on Reissue Rebuild

Optional Bright Switch Push Pull pot installed on Reissue Rebuild

Optional Rectifier tube installed on Reissue Rebuild

Regular price: $350.00
Torres discount price: $175.00
POINT TO POINT REBUILD Fender 4 x 10" Bassman reissue
POINT TO POINT REBUILD Fender 4 x 10" Bassman reissue

Regular price: $900.00
Torres discount price: $695.00
 MATCHLESS/Dr.Z EF86 CHANNEL Reissue Point to Point rebuild option  <span  style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">
MATCHLESS/Dr.Z EF86 CHANNEL Reissue Point to Point rebuild option

Regular price: $1,000.00
Torres discount price: $725.00

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