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Our Super midrange and a tone
control on the same push pull pot!

New design by Dan Torres. A push pull pot that acts as the famous Torres Super Midrange when the pot is pushed in.

It will cut midrange from 5 down to zero, and boost midrange from 5 to 10 - with no effect in the middle.

BUT, this cool new control converts to a Torres Magic Tone control by just pulling up on the pot - have your cake and eat it too!! Cool, Cool, Cool.

100% pre-wired.

EZ two wire installation as a master control (works on all pickups all the time)
Works with all passive pickups, it does not matter what brand as long as they
are not active [use a battery] - independent of pot values or other tone controls
on the guitar. instructions included

Super Midrange and Tone Switch - OUT OF STOCK
Gu904 super midrangeRegular price: $75.00Torres discount price: $47.95
for your guitar: 
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Dan's Legendary Book "Inside Tube Amps" is now available on Amazon/Kindle

just search for "Inside Tube amps" on Amazon and select "On Kindle" from the drop down box.

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