Click to enlargeAll our beautiful sounding Humbucking
 pickups Classic tone perfection 
- all handwound and matched
All humbuckers are wax potted for 
zero microphonics.
(unpotted pickups available by request)

alnico 2 humbucker Uncovered pickups, showing the two coils.

Black = 2 x Black Coils.
Zebra = 1 x Black Coil and one Cream Colored Coil.
 special order - please call.

F-SPACED is wider string spacing for Strat or Floydr Rose type bridges

An ALNICO 8 Magnet has a stronger magnetic flux then the normal Alnico 5, more  magnetism.  A higher magnetic flux provides higher output and wider frequency response.

We have always like the Alnico 8 instead of going to the (harsh sounding) Ceramic magnets some use to try to get maximum output.

The Alnico 8 magnet is a very good choice for a more modern sound with really good highs and deep, full, round bass. The higher output makes them "Rock on!" too.

Our Alnico 8 magnet pickups have been setting the new standards for killer humbucking tone with massive sustain and real solid power without becoming harsh or sterile. A great sound.

Our Very Vintage specification is 7k to 7.5k. The REAL classic Gibson Sound, crisp clean tone, punchy, warm overdrive. - the all-around pickup with singing, smooth character.

Also more than terrific for Jazz and clean players.
Zebra Colored humbucker
Smooth "Crunchy" breakup and sweet sustain.

Grab a set of Very Vintage's for a guitar that is too dark sounding - you will love it!

Our Blues Model is 7.5 to 8k duplicating the slight overwind found on lots of 50's guitars.

Tone is warmer, a bit hotter than the Very Vintage but nowhere into the excess distortion and muddy tone of other "hot" pickups.

Tone is clear, with a warm midrange and lots of sustain.

A lot of the most famous players had Vintage Gibsons with pickups that had ACCIDENTIALLY been overwound to this Blues Spec - stronger, they drive the amp into overdrive a little easier

A favorite for blues and rock players with a great blend of easy overdrive and very good clarity when you back off of the volume control.

Also very, very good for classic Jazz tone in arch top guitars. - that warm, "dusky" smooth tone

Got a guitar that is heavy and bright? - Drop in a calibrated set of Torres Blues or Rock pickups and get that axe's tone HAPPENING!

The Rock model is 8.5 to 9k, and duplicates the tone of the considerably overwound pickups on old Les Pauls. The guitars with this tone are some of the "standards" for great guitar sound.

Tone is real big, fat, with a warm midrange - they DO NOT lose highs like other hot pickups as even 9k with 42 gauge wire is not excessive impedence.

Lots of output and real singing sustain.

The all new BUZKUT Humbuckers are a technological breakthrough.  Cleaner then a Gretsch but as strong as a Gibson Les Paul. Amazing frequency response, incredible bass response, clarity and defined tone PLUS tons of output and power.  Too good for words.  They are for the player who doesn't want to sound like everyone else. - they are all new and different!!

Note: Delivery time on humbuckers pickups is about 1 week .

NOW - MATCHED CALIBRATED SETS AVAILABLE - THE BRIDGE PICKUP IS STRONGER THEN THE NECK for a balanced volume level from your guitar's selector switch - see the Torres Humbucker web page for discounted matched sets - a great deal on an already-great-deal!

Uncovered Torres Humbuckers with ALNICO 8 magnets - 2 conductor
torres hum -SELECTRegular price: $240.00Torres discount price: $107.95
Humbucker Color and Model: With Alnico 8 magnets: 
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