Lots of people have been asking about this great mod
Adding a real spring reverb to a Fender Champ amp.

It is an in-shop mod. We need the amp (no kits yet.) We can add a whole tube/transformer driven reverb to a champ or vibro champ. It requires adding two tubes to the amp chassis, plus a transformer and a short three spring reverb unit.

The amp must be a blackface or silverface Champ with treble and bass controls.

It is an involved project as a reverb itself needs 1 1/2 preamp tubes, and the amp circuit must be modified to accomodate the reverb (another 1/2 tube) for a total of two extra preamp tubes added to the chassis.

This is real tube reverb, just like the circuit in a Twin or Super Reverb with transformer and 3 spring reverb unit in the cabinet.

In the process, the power supply must be modified - the new extra stages need their own power supply "node" and the vibrato (if it has one) will not work unless it is isolated in the power supply also.

Considerably circuitry has to be added - resistors, caps, etc. for a complete reverb circuit - this is all handwired work, point to point.

All this work, new point to point wiring, added circuitry, reverb knob (on the back) reverb jacks, reverb transformer, reverb spring unit and cables all have to be planned.

The final product is very, very high performance. Far quieter than the champ was before, with much better tone, and fantastic, perfect sounding reverb.

sounds great. A really wonderful modification.

3299.00 plus our standard return shipping ($55.00 regular shipping in the U.S.) This is on an amp that does not need any repairs. Includes all parts

(this is not orderable as it would be confusing.)

Call or e-mail to arrange getting the amp in for work.

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Add Reverb to a Fender Champ or Vibro Champ
champ reverb$399.00
Labor & Parts: 
final notes on web page

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