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blues jr blues forever tube set Get some sweet blues tones from your Blues Deville, HotRod Deville, Blues Deluxe or Hotrod Deluxe ALL THESE AMPS.

This great tube set will get you a warm, rich singing bluesy tone for both blues and rock from the popular Fender  Deville/Deluxe/Hotrod series amp.
(For: The Fender Blues Deville, Fender Blues Deluxe, Fender Hotrod Deville, Fender Hotrod Deluxe amps_

The Tube Set includes:
A Matched set of the incredible sounding TungSol 5881  power tubes  These tubes in the Deville/Deluxe/Hotrod amps provide a big, warm smooth tone with great sustain and lots of tone, both clean and in overdrive - very superior performance AND they bias up without having to make any adjustments!! "Plug and Play" Cool.

A "Torres matched" 12AX7 phase inverter for V3 (next to the power tubes)

The matched tube has been tested  to find the tubes with exact matching triode circuits on both sides of the tube.
It is used in the Push-Pull Phase inverter circuit so both sides of the phase inverter have EXACTLY the same gain.
If you are a musician, you will hear this immediately in a smoother, cleaner more accurate tone, incredible definition clean and WAY better sound, drive and sustain when overdriven. A real benefit for your amp. It also has MUCH lower noise as the humbucking character of the push-pull phase inverter is "more perfected".

ECC803-SAlso, the super tone quality JJ ECC803 Spiral Filament long plate 12AX7  for V2. (the middle preamp tube) it gives a full, fat tone with greatly improved bass, midrange and treble response, with a noticeable "singing" character to the upper strings. This is a beautiful sounding, very premium tube. The Spiral Filament reduces noise quite a bit, and the long plate creates more warmth and smoother highs from the tube, overall, the great Blues, Rock, Jazz, Country tube sound.

And the "SRV Tube (Stevie Ray Vaughan)" the
5751 for V1.  (farthest from the power tubes).
A 5751 has lower gain then a 12AX7, and provides more headroom. But BESIDES THAT, we have found from tons of experience that the 5751 has fantastic sustain - even clean. a "singing character" with well defined notes and chords, clean or distorted, better then even NOS tubes provide.
The 5751 also has a spiral filament for super, SUPER, low noise - as V1 this REALLY, REALLY is a benefit to your amp. The noise floor drops by about 40%

A huge improvement in the amp's tone, sustain and warmth with this great  tube set.

Plus included FREE - is the Dan Torres article "Tweakin' Tubes"  (how to change Preamp tubes around
5751for lots of cool tones - even more ideas to work with!!)

and the famous Torres
"Bias Notes"booklet  for info on setting the bias in your amps.

This is the  total "killer tone" tube package for your Deville/Deluxe/Hotrod series amps.

This tube set has been fantastically popular,  everyone really digs the great transformation of the amp with this select tube set and we have nothing but good feedback on this setup with these amps

The Torres Tube Sets is fully compatible with all Mods for these amps and will enhance your Deville/Deluxe/Hotrod to the ultimate.

If your amp is still stock, you do not need to set the bias with the Torres Tube Set. We have pre-tested the power tubes to match the existing bias set by Fender in your amp.

Am6212 Tube set
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Dan's Legendary Book "Inside Tube Amps" is now available on Amazon/Kindle

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