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It appears that my vendor for these special pots has discontinued them.  I will be looking for other sources.

You've been asking for this kit for a long time.

The great sounding Fender Champ 12, the "red knob" champ (although a lot of them have black knobs) has a big problem with the control pots on the overdrive channel.

The Volume (a master volume) is too "touchy". it is either all the way on or all the way off.

The Gain control is also too touchy, not allowing fine tuning of gain, it also has too, too much gain and causes the amp to squeal.

The cool Torres Pot Replacement kit replaces both of those controls with new ones - AND STILL USES YOUR ORIGINAL KNOBS.

PLUS. the kit includes a totally new Torres "AC30ish" tone control circuit modification FREE!!

This free modification changes the tone circuit for a crisper, more biting AC30 like tone with a very different treble control, plus more bass response from the modified bass control. Very cool and very FREE!

Full illustrated instructions for everything plus amp work safety booklet included (with all kits)

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This amp uses 6L6 and 12AX7 check it out!
Try the Try the 5751 tube mod in the first preamp tube for some real cool sounds. Even better with the original Torres Red Knob Champ Mod.

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RKP New Fender Red Knob Champ pot replacement Kit
RT3785 champ kit -RKPRegular price: $35.00Torres discount price: $19.95
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