Click to enlargeDeville/Hotrod TWEED BASSMAN BOUTIQUE amp mod kit

Kit is good for the Blues Deville, Hotrod Deville, Hotrod deluxe, and Blues Deluxe amps -
 all speaker and power versions.

 The complete parts kit for the BASSMAN Boutique Mod Download above including all the really hard to find parts

The top quality Boutique amp parts you need for a super amp.

All carbon comp and Glaze resistors,
Orange drop signal caps,
all filter caps,
the exact Torres custom eyelet circuit board,
tube sockets and adapters for the Fender Chassis

All Hardware,
NEW CTS pots,
all switches,
the extra tubes needed,
new switchcraft jacks,
the special caps and cap values in the circuit,
the Torres Custom Reverb transformer,
NEW reverb cables -

All the stuff to complete the download plans on your amp.

tweed bassman deville kit$465.95
final notes on web page

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