Almost Endless Tube amp power. 

Solid as a rock and dead clean
there is so much to learn from this project I could teach a course on it alone.

download power amp Download the Torres/Dupont 30 to 200 Watt Monoblock
Power amp Plans.

This amp was designed for the Dupont company and turned out as one of the most amazing power amps and the most flexible design we, or anyone else,  have ever made.

The Amp is actually really easy to build and could be your first project. Just follow the plans and she works first time every time. It is designed to be build on a simple box chassis.

The Power transformer is the Hammond 260 series with three different models specified in the plans for the different power ranges.  The trans can be wired for U.S. or all the export voltages and is rugged, solid, amazing sounding, super dependable, and CSA rated - couldn't be better. One of Dan Torres's favorite transformers to work with.

It is capable of using a very wide range of tubes with just a change in transformers and bias and can be set up for anything from 30 watts with 6V6 tubes to 200 watts with KT88's with perfect tone all the way.  See "INSIDE TUBE AMPS" by Dan Torres for Output Transformer Primary impedences and extensive bias information.

Tubes that can be used:

4 x 6V6 = 30 watts
4 X 6L6
4 X 5881
4 X EL34
4 X 6CA7
4 X KT66
4 X KT77
4 X 6550
4 X KT88 = 200 watts

The driver is the famous EF86 wired as a super clean triode and a 12AT7 self-balancing Phase Inverter adapted from the book "AUDIO DESIGN HANDBOOK" by H.A. Hartley  (1958 Gersnback Library - long since out of print).  A great sounding  clean drive section without the need of negative feedback in the amp.

The power supply has an extra stage of primary filtering to reduce ripple by about 1000 times over normal amps (see "INSIDE TUBE AMPS") for a super quiet amp with fantastic bass reponse, a secondary advantage of this special power section.  

The main power supply has the filter caps bypassed by a Torres Custom Metal Poly Orange Cap to improve transient response and reduce phase change. Another great trick in the amp's design.

Frequency response is tremendous from below hearing at about 20 cycle to as far as 50,000 - Use a guitar preamp (all tube coming from Torres Engineering)  for one of the most massive sounding power amps you will ever hear. A real "head turner".  Artiquilate, fantastic tone.

As your home stereo (you need to build two monoblocks) with a nice vintage preamp such as  a Dynaco, Marantz, Heathkit, Eico, MacIntosh, Knight etc. or our new one (also coming up) well, incredible liquid, clear, colorful tone. just replace the guitar input jack with an RCA and the Output Jacks with Banana plugs.

A really great amp project with a ton of stuff to learn from the drawings.  Full assembly plans are included in the Download plus the schematic and parts list.

The amp can have a Voltage regulator and DC Filaments for the drive section and other upgrades coming along in the future.

The original for the Dupont/Billington company is in a research lab maybe running on a battery power supply we designed for them.

All parts and a complete kit are available from the Torres Engineering Web Site. This is a DIY (do it yourself) project. not a kit. You will need an unzip program to extract the zip file. Everything is in virus-free PDF format.

Your download will appear as a DOWNLOAD button on the order confirmation page. You can also get to it, even from another computer from the ORDER STATUS PAGE. if you have trouble, please contact us with your order # and we will send you a copy

DOWNLOAD the all tube POWER AMP Plans! Cool!
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Dan's Legendary Book "Inside Tube Amps" is now available on Amazon/Kindle

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