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There were no all tube full channel switching preamp downloadable  designs available anywhere UNTIL NOW.

Download the "Torres Preamp of the gods"  mod.

Build a complete Tube Stereo Preamp

Based on a high gain Marshall circuit this article is reprinted (with updates and improvements) from Vintage Guitar Magazine - Dan Torres's "Amp Tips" Column.

This project contains a WHOLE LOT of advanced tube amp technology and just about everyone will learn some good stuff from it.

It features a tube voltage regulator in the power supply for amazing low noise, biased filaments and why - a couple of versions of the power amp driver circuitry including incredible sounding EF86 drive circuits (in stereo no less!)

All the schematics are included here and real good detail on design and building the unit. as a project box or in a rack mount cabinet.

The power supply alone is worth looking at. I have used this same power supply since this time in just about every preamp design and project.

A great, fun project with tons to learn from.

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oh yeah, the picture is NOT the preamp. It is the phase inverter for the Supro Thunderbolt.

DOWNLOAD "Amp Tips" Build a Tube Preamp!
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Dan's Legendary Book "Inside Tube Amps" is now available on Amazon/Kindle

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