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bass amp header Build the Torres All Tube Bass Amp.

This is a Newly developed amp project. for a really great sounding bass amp.

The goal was to develop a kick-ass pro-level  studio and stage bass amp with  tube technology throughout and this really worked out and fit the bill completely.

The Preamp is based on the Sunn 200 series, one of the best sounding bass amps ever, but the shortcoming of the Sunn is completely eliminated (the 6AN8 triode/pentode driver).

A new really high tech Torres differential driver design pushes the KT88 tubes to fantastic frequency response, way down to 20 cycles and and still retains fabulous high end.

Bass and treble boost push pull pots are also designed in for some awesome tones and unbelievable top and bottom end.

With two KT88 tubes it is about 120 Watts - it can be built with four (or six)  KT88's for, well, a ton of power!!

We have a prototype in our new shop for testing if you are ever in San Carlos. check it out - it blows the windows out!!

A relatively easy amp to build and  a great lesson in making a very precise amp. All point to point, this layout is in color and fully detailed.

there are compound resistors and caps to achieve the calculated precise balance and levels to make this a clean, solid, strong sounding bass amp.

Also a super-developed power supply with 800 mfd first stage filter caps - again, get to that bottom end!!

The whole thing is very compact and can be build in a Torres Chassis or on a project box.

Of course it is more then amazing for clean guitar and keyboard!!

All parts are available from Torres Engineering - the parts list is included.

Everything is in virus-free PDF format.

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DOWNLOAD the fantastic BASS AMP Head Project.
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Dan's Legendary Book "Inside Tube Amps" is now available on Amazon/Kindle

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