Click to enlarge dumble cs mod 2008  DOWNLOAD the world-famous DUMBLE TONE MOD. A fantastic amp for ANY PRICE.

Can, in some cases, be done on that "dead circuit board" one you may have around (a lot of the circuit boards die, leaving a good chassis and transformers, these can be modded and fixed at the same time)




Any speaker setup (doesn't matter)

An all new Torres Designed complete point to point super high performance rebuild of the amp.

Features included:
All new Preamp and tone circuitry with that big bad tone of the  DUMBLE amp!! Full and rich, warm and punchy with definition and killer tonality throughout.

All new channel switching HIGH GAIN two stage tube overdrive. No more funky ugly tone, full, big overdrive with tons of sustain and best of all, REALLY GREAT control with a drive and master control so much better they should have new names!!

PLUS all rewired super clean "art in electronics" point to point layout, all new Orange Drop Caps, all new power supply with much lower noise and a huge bottom end boost from the special Torres filter cap network.

Finally a TUBE DRIVEN TRANSFORMER reverb and a TUBE DRIVEN active effects loop.

Your amp is boosted up to 6 preamp tubes and can use  5881's,  6L6, or KT66, or KT77, or EL34, or 6CA7 tubes - the conversion is done during the mod.

Fully adjustable bias  and TONS OF NEW technology, already tested and ready to go.

Additional features:

Includes all new tube sockets, all new pots.

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tubeset link
Cool Deville/Hotrod Tube "Blues Forever" tube set

DO7690 download$4.95


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Dan's Legendary Book "Inside Tube Amps" is now available on Amazon/Kindle

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