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high gain marshall Download the Marshall High Gain amp.

A 100 Watt Classic modified Marshall ultra high gain amp.

This is THE classic Hot Marshall Rock and Metal tone. Four gain stages and tone forever.

A relatively simple amp, just plug in and play. No channel switching or such things and a lot of flexability and pure tube tone.

A Gain control, Master volume, Treble, Bass, Midrange, Presence and the "Torres Big Bottom" setup. (A great control within the negative feedback that increases the low end for an amazing tone.)

Also a midrange boost push-pull for lots of sustain and warmth.
 This amp has a very advanced Torres-Designed power supply using a pair of 800 mfd filter caps as the first filter for some VERY solid bass response, plus lots of overall filtering for very low noise.

DC filaments for the preamp tubes reduce noise even further and a fully bypassed and protected rectifier circuit provide high stability and great tone.

 The amp uses point to point tagboard construction for EZ & classic assembly.

Based on the Massive Hammond 260 series power transformers this amp is a real performance monster,  the best you can build.

This project requires careful construction to prevent feedback and microphonics. All grid wires have to be shielded cables and your wire layout and parts preparation has to be very clean and neat.

High performance all tube real distortion is tricky to build. There are no "clipper diodes" in this circuit. It is all tube throughout.

The download includes all the layout plans, plus instructions on building a tube amp, plus the parts list.

All parts are available from Torres Engineering

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