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A full channel switching version of our famous “AC 30" British Invasion amp.

 Two complete AC30 Top Boost channels, one clean perfect AC30 “Jangle” - all the character of the real thing with Treble, Bass and Midrange controls as well as volume.

 The overdrive channel has the smoothest more versatile overdrive there is, with a more than perfect “scooped midrange” tone, AND a rich, warm growl with just the turn of the enhanced midrange knob.

The overdrive channel has Volume, Lead master, treble, bass and midrange. Instant, silent channel switching and each channel has its own set of AC30 “Top Boost” tone controls. A fantastic amp for the 21st century. The “Matchless Killer”

 This amp certainly lives in the “Underground” being the basis for several top pro's custom (rarely seen) studio amps.

 Master controls include the master reverb and the overall Torres Dual Stage Master for the entire amp. Easy control of your total volume without messing up the balance of your channels. Tube Buffered effects loop too!!

Standard Features:
Power tubes are KT77 Rectifier tube (always!) is a 5AR4/GZ34
Six preamp tubes. 3 x 12AX7, 2 x 5751, 1 x 12AT7
Multi-power driver tube replaceable with 5751, 12AT7, 12AX7 for different power ranges - FREE on this model

 Torres Engineering Channel Switching custom made amplifiers are always 100% all tube, hand wired point-to-point Torres designs that deliver perfect tone, super low noise and extremely high performance.

Channel switching amps have a tube buffered effects loop and transformer driven reverb on both channels. Each channel has its own set of tone controls and dedicated tubes.

All electronic components, including the Torres custom 418P series orange drop capacitors, are hand wired on a Torres custom fiber/phenolic eyelet circuit board. The ceramic tube sockets are mounted on the Torres custom steel chassis (no one else has this beautiful chassis).

The Amps uses a 5AR4/GZ34 rectifier tube. Switchcraft jacks and hardware, carling switches (U.S. made), the best parts throughout the whole amp. The footswitch and full instructions are included with the kits.

This is an ADVANCED KIT. a lot of parts, and a lot of assemblies. It should not be your first kit. It requires previous experience building tube amps and knowing what things are and are supposed to look like. The drawings are real good detail but it would be pretty close to impossible to build without the Correct Torres point to point eyelet board for the amp.

It is well worth the work, being one of the best sounding amps there is.

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