Click to enlarge wild boar header The famous, and sought-after Pignose G60 "Wild Boar" mod.

 A fairly simple application of a very advanced circuit.

This download is the full modification, exactly as we do it in the shop. layout and parts list.

After the mod is done, the new first jack is you new high gain stage.

This feeds into the Torres "Zeus Boost" circuit, which drives the existing amp circuit for a wide range of new overdrive/distortion tones from the amp.

The mod makes the somewhat sedate pignose into, well, a WILD thing with tons of overdrive, distortion and incredible sustain.

Some of the guys have put away Boogies in favor of this amp -

The Pignose amps are all over the used market now at great prices. With this mod, they rival most any high gain amp for tone, tone, tone.

Plugging into the second jack gives you the old amp back, unchanged - really cool.

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do7640 download$4.95

<font color="#FF0000">NEW "Wild Boar" In-Shop Mod for the Pignose Tube Amplifier</font>
NEW "Wild Boar" In-Shop Mod for the Pignose Tube Amplifier

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