Click to enlargeThe totally best "Boogie Type" amp you can build. NOT A COPY. 

The real thing. an all new design top to bottom.
Dan Torres' best.

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Build a Fantastic sounding Mark I style (non-channel switching) Boogie-like-high gain amp.

This is Dan Torres's famous Dan's Boogie amp. Articles and reviews have been written about the tone of this amp, its ability to be heard above all else and the god-like sustain it produces for everyone. This is the final design with all fine-tune improvements in place.

The ultimate development of the extra-gain stage high gain all-tube amp.

Totally point-to-point wired (PTP) this amp improves on the tone of the high gain amp as much as possible with a whole range of cool never-seen before circuits and very extensive noise reduction design.


    Extra high gain all tube stage in the high gain jack. This stage has its own volume control and is used to overdrive the fabulous sounding clean amp design. The clean amp has its own jack and this amp's CLEAN TONE is unmatched by anything for any price

    Low noise technology throughout the amp. DC filaments for the lowest possible noise, grid-stopper resistors, RF noise filters, shielded cables, and hum cancelling everywhere possible

    FINALLY  a Classic Boogie type amp with a real tube rectifier!!  and RECTIFIER PROTECTION circuitry built in for longer life and low noise.

    The more-then-classic "Fender Brown Vibrolux" tone control circuit with the tapped treble pot for the most sophisticated, warmest, smoothest tone circuit you ever heard. Incredible control over the midrange and treble (with push pull treble boost) and killer bass response from the super CAP PAK power supply.

    Never shrill or harsh, but able to cut through everything.

    The Phase inverter is the "Dumble" circuit, designed for a massive punchy tone, excellent balance, and efficient power - it also sounds different giving the amp its own particular punch and tonality.

    Low noise (special design) ultimately great sounding reverb, Torres-Design for use in the high gain circuit, it features much, much more reverb then any other high gain amp, with unbelievable reverb TONE, TONE, TONE.

    Hi Tech output setup - the amp can use ALL the power tubes. KT66, KT77, 6L6, 5881, EL34, 6CA7, 6V6 - tube sockets are wired for direct plug-in, just set the adjustable regulated bias!!Torres Engineering Dual Stage Master for a much, much better master, better control, great tone even at super low volumes, and totally transparent. When it is at 10 it is GONE from the circuit.

    Of course, all hand-wired, point to point, specifying the best parts. Orange drop caps, carbon comp resistors, switchcraft jacks, CTS pots (plus  tapped treble 350k pot available from Weber Speakers)

    A Torres Design Regulated voltage bias supply for solid, smooth bias performance and no crossover distortion from drifted bias.

    Big, bad CAP PAK power supply for lots of bass response, max ripple reduction and killer tone.

    Overall, an incredible amp to build - as good as it can possibly get. Just the technology alone in this amp is worth taking a look.

    Complete plans in the download, color layouts plus parts list and schematic.

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Dan's Legendary Book "Inside Tube Amps" is now available on Amazon/Kindle

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