Torres DOWNLOADS. Complete POINT TO POINT modifications for your Deville, Hotrod, Blues Deluxe Fender amps
the HOTTEST thing in the world.





Any speaker setup (doesn't matter)

An all new Torres Designed complete point to point super high performance rebuild of these amplifiers.

This is a complete tube amp rebuild of the Deville, Hotrod and Blues Deluxe Amps.

These rebuilt amps beat any real Vintage OR Boutique Tweed for tone, tone, tone.

Features include:
All new Preamp and tone circuits with amazing  clean tone beyond compare, all rewired, point to point, all new Top Quality Orange Drop or Mallory  caps, all new power supply with much lower noise and all new top quality filter caps.

Finally a TUBE DRIVEN TRANSFORMER reverb on the Reverb models.

Your amp is boosted up to 5 or 6 preamp tubes and can use ALL THE TUBES - 6L6's, 5881's, KT66, KT77, EL34, or 6CA7 tubes - the universal tube conversion is done during the mod on ALL AMPS!.

TONS OF NEW technology, already tested and ready to go.

Additional features:

Fully Boutique Amp hand-wired point to point on our custom eyelet circuit board

Audiophile quality capacitors

New switchcraft jacks all around

New resistors, new pots all around.

adjustable bias controls.

All Mods Include all new Boutique quality tube sockets, all new pots.  We have recommended Tube sets and speakers for even MORE Boutique amp performance from your old Deville/Hotrod

Tweed amps and REAL MARSHALLS, AC30'S do not have reverb because they can't - the basis of the circuit is the cathode follower tube stage driving the tone circuit. This circuit is all important to the REAL TONE of these amps
This low impedence stage DOES NOT drive a reverb well at all - generally it does not work. Manufacturers have to eliminate this VERY IMPORTANT stage to add reverb to these amps - they DON'T SOUND RIGHT

Your Torres amp has the Torres Patented Reverb buffer circuit designed into it.

An ultimately cool zero gain 100% all tube circuit that interfaces a real tube reverb to the cathode follower output, plus provides the (FREE)circuitry to install a buffered tube effects loop.
so you end up with a TRUE TWEED/MARSHALL/AC30 tone and amp circuit, plus a real tube reverb and effects loop!! ultimate tube amp technology

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<font color="#FF0000">DOWNLOAD the killer  Deville/Hotrod/Blues DUMBLE AMP MOD</font>DOWNLOAD the killer Deville/Hotrod/Blues DUMBLE AMP MOD
DOWNLOAD Deville/Hotrod/Blues Deluxe TWEED BASSMAN MODDOWNLOAD Deville/Hotrod/Blues Deluxe TWEED BASSMAN MOD
DOWNLOAD the "SUPER BOOGIE" Mod for the Deville/hotrod/blues ampDOWNLOAD the "SUPER BOOGIE" Mod for the Deville/hotrod/blues amp
DOWNLOAD, Deville, Hotrod, Blues Deluxe BLACKFACE BOUTIQUE AMP plansDOWNLOAD, Deville, Hotrod, Blues Deluxe BLACKFACE BOUTIQUE AMP plans
FREE fix the big manufacturing error on Fender HotRod Deluxe!FREE fix the big manufacturing error on Fender HotRod Deluxe!

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Dan's Legendary Book "Inside Tube Amps" is now available on Amazon/Kindle

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