Click to enlargeThe Champ 12 has already become a star due to our famous Torres Red Knob Champ kit. The Champ 12 has a lot of great tone, channel switching and pretty good power from just one 6L6 power tube in cathode biased Class A.

This new kit does the "impossible" it makes it possible, and in fact, easy to adjust the bias of the single ended power tube to match any tubes made now, in the past or in the future.
  • 6L6
  • 5881
  • KT66
  • KT77
  • 6V6
    • and lots more!
    The kit adds a complete assembly to the champ 12 that provides for bias adjustment, for measuring/monitoring the bias and is a deceptively easy installation.

    You will have external bias test points and an externally adjustable bias pot so you do not have to take the amp apart to make adjustments. You can just swap tubes, adjust the bias and go!!

    this is all new technology from Torres Engineering and will be adapted to other amps real soon.

    Other Champ Kits.

    Replace the lousy plastic jacks with our new kit!! - replace the uneven taper pots AND with the new pot kit get the "free" AC30ish mod!!

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    This amp uses 6L6 and 12AX7 tubes, check it out!

    RKB the newest! Fender Champ 12 "Red Knob" adjustable bias kit
    RT3788 champ kit -RKB
    For the Fender 1980's Champ 12 with black or red knobs
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