Click to enlargeFinally. A kit to set the bias on the Blackface
and Silverface Champ and Vibro Champ

Torres Engineering NEW, NEW, NEW
An all-too-cool bias kit for the Fender Champ and Vibro Champ amp.

This kit is for the Blackface and Silverface Champs and Vibro Champs (not the tweed champ, Champ II or the Champ 12),

It is a long-misunderstood concept that the bias can not be set on these amps - totally wrong!! -- AND most of them are biased wrong right now!

They are cathode-biased amps and the bias can be and should adjusted for your power tubes when you change tubes. We do it in our shop every day.

(Cathode bias is "automatic bias" only to a small degree)

This new kit is very easy to install and does not do any permanent modifications to the amp at all. It is 100% reversible any time.

Installation is super-easy (two parts) and all you need is a VOM meter (volt-ohm meter) any one will do.

You will be able to fine tune the bias for your sound and get the amp working perfectly in no time.

Full illustrated instructions and correct bias settings are included.

(Note: you will have to work on the amp with it out of the cabinet and turned on. Safety with electronics is necessary. Our instructions include safety help but you should be familiar with high voltages and working on tube amps before doing any work inside an amp.)

This item is available with PayPal on Ebay or in our Ebay store.

Fender Champ and Vibro Champ NEW Bias Kit!!
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