Click to enlargeThe Great Gretsch and Oahu
5 Watt Boutique amp
Point to point design.

supro 5w header
This is a unique and very cool antique tube amp circuit. 
It is quite a bit like the Supro 5W (Torres Download) but with a very different tone due to extensive circuit changes by the designer.
The amp was sold by Gretsch AND Oahu - design is from Valco, a major subcontractor at this time
It is a brighter amp with a shimmering nice chime to it. Under breakup/distortion it has a lot of crunch and bite. A really great amp.

One 6V6, one 5Y3 rectifier tube, one 12AX7 - just like the Fender Tweed Champ, but a totally different circuit approach.
This amp is really easy to build, you can throw the parts at it and it goes together.
The Download is built on a Tweed Champ circuit board and can be built in a Tweed Champ chassis.
Just great tone. Turn it up and experience the roots of rock and blues.
The Kit includes all the parts, Carbon Comp resistors, Orange drop caps, Switchcraft jacks, all the Transformers and hardware, plus  Torres Color layouts for building the amp, schematic and parts list.
 You just need a cabinet, chassis and speaker.  the kit is designed to use a Fender Tweed Champ Chassis, cab and speaker - also available from TORRES ENGINEERING.
One of the best and easiest projects anywhere.
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DOWNLOAD Gretsch Oahu 5W Class A amp - super cool

Gretsch Oahu Amp kit
Am7735 gretsch amp$375.95

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