Click to enlargeGood controls for your guitar

Split Knurled shaft for push-on knobs. These are good quality full size pots.

 They fit a 3/8 in hole, and come with nut and washer.

Common values are: Strat and Tele = 250K

Gibson with Humbuckers = 500k

 NEW 300k CTS guitar pots. the perfect compromise. they make really good tone control pots on strats and teles, and a great compromise between 250k and 500k for semi-hot pickups (6.8k to 7.5k) But this is not written in stone.

See "how one and two meg pots work"

NEW high quality Audio Taper CTS 25k split shaft pots for your EMG or other active setup. the ONLY PLACE IN THE WORLD with this pot!!
  "Gu138 250k Favored for Single coils 4k to 6.9k" "Gu4111 300k vintage Slightly higher gain 4.5k to 7.2k" "Gu140 500k Favored for humbuckers 7k - 8.9k" "Gu1981 1 Meg Torres Introduced anything 10k and up KOOL!" "Gu7743 175k NOS CGE find!! incredible for BUZKUTS 3.3k to 6.4k" "Gu7603 25k EMG & active stuff Custom made"

CTS Guitar Volume/tone pots GREAT QUALITY
CTS guitar pot -SELECTRegular price: $12.95Torres discount price: $7.95
value - application, suggested pickup resistance: 
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