Capacitor Notes
Carvin "X amp" kit
Clean Up Your Act
Complete all tube rack mount Preamp
Compressor Techniques
CTS Push Pull amp pot - SPST switch
CTS Guitar Volume/tone pots GREAT QUALITY
CTS solid shaft tapped 500k pot (US made) Very Special
CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE "VintageKaster" pre-wired harness no pickups.
Custom Wiring harness - custom guitar build
Deluxe Effects loop kit
Deluxe Power (for Deluxe Reverb)
Deluxe Reverb "Blues Forever" Tube Set
Deluxe Reverb II - Bright Switch Mod
Deluxe Vari Tone Fully Assembled on hold for a while
Deluxe Vari-Tone Kit
Department of Corrections & Bright Ideas
Deville or Hotrod "Blues Forever" tube set
Deville/Hotrod TWEED BASSMAN BOUTIQUE amp mod kit
DOWNLOAD "Amp Tips" Build a Tube Preamp!
DOWNLOAD "Amp Urban Legends"
DOWNLOAD 1957 Twin Reissue improvements and fix - cool new stuff!
DOWNLOAD Building a Class A Push Pull Amp
DOWNLOAD Deville/Hotrod/Blues Deluxe TWEED BASSMAN MOD
DOWNLOAD How to convert the 70W and 135W Fenders to adjustable bias
DOWNLOAD The Torres Tone Frenzy Class A amp
DOWNLOAD the "SUPER BOOGIE" Mod for the Deville/hotrod/blues amp
DOWNLOAD the 5F6 Tweed Bassman "4 in 1" Amp Plans
DOWNLOAD the all tube POWER AMP Plans! Cool!
DOWNLOAD The Fantastic "British Invasion CS amp plans
DOWNLOAD the fantastic BASS AMP Head Project.
DOWNLOAD the HIGH GAIN Marshall amp plans
DOWNLOAD the Incredible "Add a Reverb to your Champ" Project
DOWNLOAD The Newest Coolest PRINCETON mod
DOWNLOAD the SCREAMIN' HOT 5 Watt Gibson GA-5 vintage amp
DOWNLOAD Torres Thunderbolt Amp Plans
DOWNLOAD, Deville, Hotrod, Blues Deluxe BLACKFACE BOUTIQUE AMP plans
Dual Rectifier Peavey 5150 Project!
Easy Tech I & II
EL34 Conversion Kit
EQ Ideas
Famous Fender Champ kit
Fender "Red Knob" Champ 12 kit. The original hot kit!!
Fender Blues DeVille & Blues Deluxe NEW! Add Bias Kit
Fender Champ and Vibro Champ NEW Bias Kit!!
Fender Driver Kit
Fender Hot Rod and Deville Brightness Mod kit NEW, NEW!
Fender Princeton/Princeton Reverb Bias Adjust Kit
Fender Reissue Bassman SUPER OVERDRIVE mod EZ kit

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