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Just got my Strat back from having the BluesKaster Deluxe pre-wired pickguard with the Torres Pickups in it and it is amazing!

I ordered the Very Vintage in the neck and middle positions and the Blues in the bridge with the Fralin back plate. All positions sound great but I'm most surprised by the middle pickup (position 3). It is chunky, warm and does great T-Bone Walker style, big-box Gibson P-90 jazz-blues just beautifully.

The back plate on the bridge pickup gives a Tele-like growl to the Strat sound and is killer for Don Rich style chicken pickin', together with the neck it's just great for clean country sounds. Turn up the mid range here, and Keef appears.

The neck alone does the SRV thing to a T, and I only play maple boards with 10's. Whatever Fender tone you want, and some Gibson, this set up will do it. And the shielding really is worth the slight extra charge as the slight hum really isn't noticeable, - stacked pickups just don't play right, to me.

As for the BluesKaster Deluxe wiring, I am able to dial in the tone without touching my amp. It's all right there at my fingertips. I've only had the guitar back for an hour-and-a-half, and haven't pulled out the dusty old Bassman head and 2X12 cab yet. I have been playing through my Mesa 35 watt 1X12 combo that is still set up for my Les Paul. This will make guitar switching on stage much nicer. There is just so much tone shaping available in that middle knob that I am amazed.

Last, I called in and ordered this on a Saturday, and it was on my doorstep Thursday. Your customer service is excellent. Friendly, accomodating and quick. Perfect.

Thank you, Ted G.

This afternoon, here in Baton Rouge, I called and asked a question on the output impendence on the Tiny Tone Amp. I was transferred to you amp tech and he answered my question in about 2 minutes. This was very considerate and very much appreciated. It’s these little things that make a difference and I am most grateful.

All the best to the staff at Torres engineering!

John Exxxxx Baton Rouge, LA

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Thanks for your time and quick response! Amazing!

I work in Denmarks largest musicstore and I'm very impressed with your products, support ect., so I'll definately buy from you guys, when it comes to custom parts and projects, and of course recommend you to our customers.

Best regards, Trolle xxxxx

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Mr. Torres

I recently purchased a 1978 CBS Fender Champ Silverface. I have been playing for years but had not played through a tube amp. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about so I purchased the Silverface at a good price. I was amazed at the difference, I did have some popping noise from the amp but the sound quality was far better than other amps I have played. I started searching the internet for information about the popping noise I was hearing and what I could do about it, after searching hundreds of websites I found yours. I must say, your web site is by far the most informative and user friendly website I have found. I decided to try the Champ kit for the tweed tone and WOW, I haven't even replaced the tubes and speaker yet and I could not believe the difference. This little amp sprang to life! you have gained a customer for life. You have a great description of all the components you sell and a great selection, your instructions are very easy to follow, the modification was easy to complete for someone never working on a tube amp before. Keep up the great work and I look foreword to doing business with you in the future.

Mike Mxxxxxxx

Sent from the Internet (Details) Hi Dan.

Thanks so much for winding such a great set of vintage sounding humbucking pickups for my 1991 PRS Custom 24. The nickel covers look vintage and classy, and sound is so much better than the stock PRS Vintage Bass and HFS pickups. I'm also very pleased with the ability to split the coils of each pup. My tonal arsenal is very dynamic. Playing the PRS through my vintage Fender blackface amp and TS-808 yields some fantastic overtones. You've helped turn a great guitar into an awesome tone machine.

I was extremely impressed with the vintage Strat pup set you sold me earlier in the year, and I'm even more impressed with these humbuckers.

Kudos to you and your crew.

Tony xxxx

just wanted to say thanks for writing a very down to earth and easy to read book (inside tube amps). i've just finished building my own amp and have used a few of your ideas and schematics for this project. i couldn't be more pleased, any time i have a problem or a question i always turn to your book first for answers (and always find them). by the way very nice website and great service! keep up the good work.

thanks: phillip d.

pleasant hill, ohio

Subj: All tube pre amp

Hi Dan,

This is Matt. I bought the all tube pre amp... i plugged it in when i got home and couldnt believe how great it sounds. this is FAR better than any other pre amp ive played through. and the boost in distortion is wonderful. i ran my Dean 7 string through it... no effects and into the return on my silver jubilee..... the sound was extrordinary! You created the best pre amp in the world, and im very proud to own it. anyway, 2 thumbs up, 10 stars, this pre amp rules over all -matt

just wanted to thank you for the beautiful job you did setting up the Van Zandt Bluescaster Deluxe pickguard for me. I put it in a Fender '62 reissue and it souJnds incredible. The workmanship was perfect and it dropped right in. It looks really good with the gold pearl pickguard against the metallic sherwood green. Anyway, thanks again. Wayne

(this was an e-mail tech help question on installing a wiring harness.) Sounds like you have the wires reversed on the output jack, or have not connected the string ground (from the tremolo pocket.) Either one of these would cause the problem you have. The bluescaster harnesses do not hum.

Dear Torres: Mother of were right...the jack wires WERE reversed! I thought it must be something simple,but Jeeez! I guess letting your friends experiment with capacitors and resistors has its was wired wrong when a music store employee installed a new volume pot years ago.I can't believe it..I thought it was supposed to be that way... I shall sing your praises from this day forward! The harness sounds FANTASTIC! Thank you! Bless you and your children!

Just this morning, I installed your Bluescaster wiring harness, complete with the "Torres Set" Van Zandt pickups. This is very early on after the installation, but I just wanted to make a couple of quick comments. First of all - the ease of installation was superb. This is the first guitar mod I've attempted and it was very straightforward.

Secondly, the difference in the sound produced by this instrument is hard to put into words. This installation was performed on a new, stock, Mex-strat with no "whistles and bells." Just a straight-stock, Standard Stratocaster, right out of the box. I own two other Fenders: a '62 Reissue Strat with their "Vintage" pickups and a Nashville DeLuxe Telelcaster with "Tex-Mex" pickups. Neither can compare to the tone of this inexpensive strat with your mod kit installed. Thank you for providing a high quality, well-designed package that truly delivers! Dave El Paso

I was just sitting down to email you guys when I saw that you got to me first! You guys kicked ass getting that pickup to me! I swear, I got it within 3 days. You really saved my ass for that gig!! I got a standing ovation at the end of a solo and I want to tell you that part of the reason was that damned Rio Grande Vintage Tallboy. God, it's THE sound that's been in my dreams, guys. It really woke up my amp(volume wise and tone wise, it's had no trouble keeping up with the 415 millivolt Evolution that I have at the bridge!). In fact, In two weeks time, I will order another one for the middle position. Hey, seiously, I just graduated as a marketing major and if there's anything that I can do for you guys, let me know because I really owe you one (and it would be my pleasure). warmest regards. Nelly

First I would like to say that Torres Engineering is a class act! Not only do e-mails get quick response,but the x-amp mod I ordered came in less than a week! As for the Mod? This Carvin x-amp of mine always seemed to sound plugged. Like it had a bad headcold(nasal). The x-amp mod was a great asprin. I will post this result at along with your website address to give your server a few more hits!

Dan, just entered the computer age thought I'd say hello,you have no idea on.the seven-hundred pound gorilla you've helped to create up here!Anyway,I keep telling everyone who'll listen what a great shop you have and how great sounding all your stuff is.Hope all is well with you and yours,have a great year! THANK YOU! Randy

Thanks so much for your speedy reply! I'm glad that all I'd need are the pups and covers, and more glad that you sell stuff so inexpensively! I looked up a few other things while on your site and your prices are consistently lower than the places I usually shop. I don't buy a lot of stuff, I've pretty much got all I need but from here on out you've got my business, as well as recommendations to my friends. Thanks again for your time, have a good day.

I got the replacement for my defective Sovtek 12AX7 tube in the mail today which was a complete and utter surprise... I had phoned in the problem the day before last and had mailed back the bad tube yesterday; I wasn't expecting to see anything till maybe next week some time, but BAM!! there it was when I got home from work. Popped it in my Bassman and it seems to be working great. And here is the clincher... I also was expecting 2 x 220K 1% matched resistors for my Perfect Prince kit and thought for sure that these had a high probability of being "overlooked" or there but "not matched" etc. Lo & behold they were not only included but a quick check with the ohm-meter revealed them to be matched to within 1/2%!!!! So my hat is off to Jojo &Vivian who handled my call on the phone and whoever pulled/packed the replacement shipment. Keep up the great work!! Regards, Donny from Phoenix

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