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Dan I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on my amp recently, when you converted my '71 twin reverb to a super texan. the tonal possibilities on both channels are terrific. the amp does everything you said it would and more. I understand that you did some extra needed repairs on my amp beyond what was involved with the conversion. thanks for that also. I hope you don't mind, but I plan to write a letter to the editors of one or more of the major guitar mags telling them what a phenomenal job you did.

Dan, Hope you post this comment on your sight,I would like all of those lost and seeking souls to know that they have found a source of true solutions at this web. Brother musicians and all who aspire to be guitarists, I am compelled to attest tothe tools Torres has available to you. I thought that there was no way I could obtain those sacred sounds I so long searched for. Boy was I wrong, Dan has just about every angle to get to where you want to go. Should you not find it available allready,Dan will create it. I have always been happy with pricing as well ! Dan thank you for the wonderful products ,info, and support you have provided. Most of all , thanks for the tone!!!! Chicago Paul

You recently built a Princetone for me with 6V6 tubes and pentode/triode switch and I've been meaning to stop by and thank you but haven't had the chance. The amp is really great--exactly what I had hoped for. It looks great, sounds great and my wife thanks you for building an amp that I can get great tone without blasting her out of the house! I'll stop by one of these days with my next project--I have a Fender deluxe re-issue that I want to have you install a Super Texan mod (or any other suggestion you have).

Thanks again for a great amp! Mark S.

I just wanted to say thanks for making a great kit. I just put the rectifier back in my 1980 Vox and it sounds much softer now.the notes just sing.it was a breeze to install .just one question. is there any type of gain mod i can put in this amp? (I'll suggest the upcoming Zeus Boost kit, ready in November 99 - DT) thanks for any help you can give.and again,thanks for such a good kit.hope to here from you soon.


I'd like to compliment you on your excellent web site. You're site has more useful stuff for guitarists in one place than any I've ever seen. I spread the word and your URL whenever I can. I've already given you several plugs on the FDP (Fender Discission Page) answering posts about how to enhance tone options, soup up amps, etc.

Another thing I like about you guys is your customer service. You give timely replies to inquiries. A+ Nick A.

Last weekend I finished installing your dual stage master volume kit into my 1970 bandmaster amp. One week prior, I installed the "Hot Fender" kit. I must say, I am amazed at how full and rich this amp now sounds. I had been using a Tom Scholtz power soak to get a good sound out of my tube amps, but with this master kit... I,m not sure I need it (the power soak) for the Bandmaster now. Thanks for some truly terrific tube amp mod. kits. The instructions are very clear and the three I've done so far(did the Champ kit too) sound amazing! Robert S.

Wow - thanks a lot! You've got a customer for life. I appreciate the great service and of course for upgrading the pickups. have a great day. John

Once more I would like to say thank you for fixing my amp (or should I say for fixing the owner?). It performed perfectly with the settings you taped in. I have taken in out twice to play and have been very impressed with its' performance and tone. It is absolutely the best sounding amplifier I have ever owned. Thank you again for diligence and patience.

(I checked out Larry's Super Texan to see if there were any problems, then I set up a good combination of both clean and overdrive channels, and put a piece of masking tape across all the controls to hold the settings in place so he would have a starting point to work from - DT)

Larry K.

(reply from help wiring a Mustang - the original Fender drawings are difficult to follow - we worked it out without having to go to a tech or ship the guitar) Yes, I see the connection you told me about. That makes total sense. Thanks for your ongoing help; I truly appreciate it. You people rock my Mustang! Cheers,

received my guitar neck and the rest of my order today, and I must say that I am very pleased with what I got. The neck that you picked out for me looks great, and if it sounds as good as it looks, I will be in guitar heaven - of course, the sound department depends a lot on me, and how the neck is set-up. I can't wait to get it together, but I will - I want to have it done right. Thanks again for being there, and for keeping us rock'n.

KJRH P.S. I noticed that the name, J. Torres is stamped on the original guitar neck that I took of my Strat, obviously someone who worked for Fender where the guitar was built - any close relative of yours ? (common question - I have seen it lots of times - no relation, and I am not old enough to have been working at Fender when these guitars and amps were made.)

Hi, ...just wanted to let your know that after installing your perfect princeton kit that it sounds great. It does everything you said it would. It is louder and sounds better than the '65 deluxe reverb re-issue I have and reminds me of the old super I used 25 years ago. thanks again and if I need anything else I'll surely let you know, Peter F.

hey guys just wanted to thank you for the kits for my guitar, they were great, and I did it myself and the midrange/volume works great on my guitar it's like I've got a new guitar, keep up the good work. thanks R.E.P.

Dan. I want to thank you for the GREAT KITS!! Put the pre CBS kit in my silverface twin and the more I play through the amp the more I love the sound!

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