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We are always creating new technology and new ideas at Torres Engineering, just about every day.

To further the growing tube amp technology, we will be adding more and more new projects FREE for you to read and download from our web page system.

Keep looking. A lot of the articles written for Vintage Guitar, Bay Area Music, Musicians Guide and other magazines will be added to these web pages as often as we can.

Torres Engineering will also have kits for these projects, and all the parts are already available.

No further technical help can be provided on these articles, our tech dept. is far too overloaded already.

This first project contains really great sounding upgrades and new ideas for tube amp rectifier tubes. Noise reduction, safety, better tone, a solid state to tube rectifier switch - all kinds of cool technology.

This is new info, never published anywhere!!

If you can come into the Torres Engineering San Mateo shop you can check out a Fender Vibrolux Reverb with this rectifier tube technology applied. Sounds incredible!

All files are PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat reader.

tube1button Read Tu-be or not Tu-be part 1. Adding a solid state to tube rectifier switch.
Complete illustrated project. very cool technology
tube2 button Read Tu-be or not Tu-be Part 2. Rectifier improvements. Snubber circuit, rectifier tube safety circuit.
Illustrated complete project.
download tube 1 and 2 button Download both Tu-be projects. PDF format. Fast downloads and virus free

final notes on web page

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