Click to enlargeFinally, a way to get your Princeton sounding

This kit is for any of the Fender Princetons, or Princeton Reverb amps covered in Brown or Black Tolex. Blackface or Silverface. NOT for Princeton Reverb II

It is an EZ installation of an adjustable bias pot so you can get those tubes sounding JUST RIGHT!

Princeton's do not have an adjustable bias, you have to mess around with resistors to get it right. This kit installs an adjustable bias pot, PLUS a very cool bias monitor.

The only test equipment you will need is a VOM meter.

Full illustrated and written instructions and all parts are included.

An EZ install with no holes drilled in the amp.

(you will need to be able to take the amp apart and know how to be safe around high voltages. The bias has to be checked with the amplifier turned on.)

We do this mod all the time - works great!

When tubes are biased correctly the amp has its full power, its complete frequency range, does not run too hot, and sounds much, much better. Any and all amps should have the bias adjusted when new tubes are installed.

Fender Princeton/Princeton Reverb Bias Adjust Kit
Am3988 fender kit Regular price: $29.95Torres discount price: $19.95
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