Click to enlargeFinally a kit to replace the 
TOTALLY LOUSY jacks on these amps. 
For amps made BEFORE 2005

deville hotrod jack kit An easy kit to replace the two poor quality plastic input jacks (only) with new metal high quality Switchcraft Brand switching jacks.

Illustrated instructions and all parts are included  - a cool kit that increases performance, tone and reliability of the amps.

We see more then enough of these amps totally dead from failure of the input jacks.

the kit requires taking the amp apart, instructions are included, and soldering the new parts in place.

The most difficult part of the process is getting the circuit board loose - just a lot of nuts and bolts. It does not have to be removed from the amp.

The Same Kit Works on all the Deville and Hot Rod amps - 

NOTICE. NEW AMPS made after Jan 1, 2005 appear to be different - the kit may not work on them.

Check it out! A full point to point rebuild mod for the HotRod and Deville Amps

NEW JACK REPAIR/REPLACE KIT for the Blues and HotRod Deville and Blues Deluxe
Am3882 fender kit Regular price: $25.75Torres discount price: $15.95
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