The Newest Torres Design with a concentric tone pot.

Features: New 4 way tele switch.

This gives you:
Bridge Pickup
Neck Pickup
Both Pickups in Parallel
Both pickups in SERIES

A Master volume control with the Torres Volume kit installed

AND the newest trick - a concentric pot, that is, two controls, each with a separate knob, on the same shaft.

They are set up as:
The Famous Torres Super Midrange (cuts AND boosts midrange, no battery required)

And a standard tone control

Everything works all the time and the whole assembly is prewired ready to mount on YOUR telecaster control plate.

The concentric pot comes with its own (special) chrome knob pair.

Illustrated installation instructions are included

This is ALREADY our most popular Tele wiring and it has not even been announced yet!

Add a Tele control plate and we will assemble it ready to install in your guitar.

Torres Tele BluesTone DELUXE
Gu4623 bluestone (deluxe)$149.00
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Dan's Legendary Book "Inside Tube Amps" is now available on Amazon/Kindle

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