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tube matching machine Our Torres Engineering  Tube Matching Machine.

This was  a technical problem to figure out. The companies providing the matched tubes were not able to keep up and we wanted higher quality, we REALLY build tube amps  all day, every day. This is an important thing we need to make the best amps.

A typical tube tester is nowhere near accurate enough to match a dual triode tube like a 12AX7/12AT7.

We wanted to test the tubes under the load conditions they encounter inside your amp,  so we had to design and make our own super-accurate matching machine. The first part of the tech project.

The next part of the job was to determine the proper loads and voltages necessary.  But the real difficulty was in getting EXACTLY the same loads and voltages on both sides of the dual triode.

The solution came in a flash of thought - use EXACTLY the same parts for both! Our machine switches the loads from one triode to the other so both sides are matched to grid, cathode and plate readings that are exactly the same.

Of course this require a person with proper knowledge reading and testing the tubes, not a problem for us.

Every single tube is tested, warmed up, and checked for only the ones that match very, very accurately to get the best possible tone from the amp.

We will be adding more  matched tubes as we get time to properly test them.

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