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These are all comments from normal musicians world wide

Just wanted to drop you folks a line and let you know how pleased I am with the work you did on my Super Reverb. The clarity and openness are outstanding, and as you mentioned, the slight graininess at low volumes has disappeared. The amp has plenty of power and tone to die for -- it's never sounded better. I especially appreciate the time you and the other folks took to answer my questions and make sure that I was satisfied with the amp. Consider me a very satisfied (lifetime) customer.

Please pass along my thanks to everyone there for a job well done.
Bruce S. (Bruce has the most beautiful blackface Super Reverb we have ever seen.)

Just this morning, I installed your Bluescaster wiring harness, complete with the "Torres Set" Van Zandt pickups. This is very early on after the installation, but I just wanted to make a couple of quick comments. First of all - the ease of installation was superb. This is the first guitar mod I've attempted and it was very straightforward. Secondly, the difference in the sound produced by this instrument is hard to put into words. This installation was performed on a new, stock, Mexe-strat with no "whistles and bells." Just a straight-stock, Standard Stratocaster, right out of the box. I own two other Fenders: a '62 Reissue Strat with their "Vintage" pickups and a Nashville DeLuxe Telelcaster with "Tex-Mex" pickups. Neither can compare to the tone of this inexpensive strat with your mod kit installed. Thank you for providing a high quality, well-designed package that truly delivers!

Thanks for the prompt reply. The service has been great and you supply a great service to musicians! Peace, Bryan F

dan..thanks so much for the info...i really appreciate it ! you have one top notch business !! thanks again, barr

Again I must emphasize that I contacted several companies by phone and E-mail and your response was most courteous and timely. Thank you Carl P

Gotta hand it to you all at Torres Engineering. You are the best!! Any opinion I have asked from you about anything has always been spot on, including your take on Lindy Fralin Pickups. There are none better for Strat. I do not think they make a bad sounding pickup. I just purchased a set of the high output Strat. They are perfect for my Tom Anderson Classic. It's a shame he won't offer Fralins as an option for his guitars. I wish you would write some more books.

OK OK, I'll get to work on the new "Pefect Guitar" book and the next "Building an amp for real people" book this summer. Dan Torres

(From Microsoft staff - amp is a Torres Tweed Deluxe kit.) I got the amp upon my return from L.A. It is absolutely amazing!!! Very, very nice work, Dan. My compliments to the chef. I have to say, it's a rare day that I plug into such a simple amp with so much variety and warmth. Thank you once again.

I'd like to say that everytime I have dealt with yall you guys have been really straightforward and cool.

Hello Mr. Torres Just want to thankyou for a great kit, I installed the Champ kit along with new tubes and replaced all the caps. I plugged the little amp into a 4ohm 2x12 cabinet and the amp sounds huge!!! great power tube distortion and lots of headroom at a moderate volume. Thanks again for giving the average guy great sound Cheers, Duane D

The bassman I did has a really nice wicked, but clean tone and when you hit the mid boost with a tube screamer, it made me do a double take. Dan, thanks for everything. Your kits, books, info, and articles have inspired and helped me to no end!! Sincerely, Mark C

Dan----The Fender Concert and the Traynor YGM-3 arrived here today. Thanks for doing such a good job on these two very messed up amps. They're both excellent now! --------Mark W

Dear Mr. Torres: I brought in my '65 Deluxe for repair. I had given up on a certain fellow located near XXXX Music in XXXXXX City. Needless to say, the amp left your shop sounding absolutely spectacular. Your worked similar magic on my '64 Vibro Champ. I tell all my friends, and not a few guitar salesmen, that there's only one place to take your tube amp for repair. I hope you are doing well. Thankfully there is still some integrity left in the music business. Regards, Joseph

Hey!. I love you, man! You've turned me into me an aggressive skill-seeker from a simply curious kinda' guy. If you have a Torres e-mail list of sorts, please add: xxxxxxxaol.com

Dan, Wow, am I impressed! Not only with your informative Web-site, your prompt mailing of your catalog, but now..... a personal reply!!! I can tell that you understand my complaint with my Pro "exactly".... I couldn't have described it any better. With "old-fashioned" service like this... I can tell that you have a company I will enjoy doing business with. You can expect to see an order coming in from me soon. Also, thanks for your appreciation of my screen name. I felt lucky that it was not taken already.

Hello Sir Thanks very much for the Great "Champ Kit"......it works great and really improves the tone....... Compliments also for the fast sending;3 days from you place to the Netherlands..... Bravo..... I will certainly order some more kits in the near future.... Greetings from a VERY satisfied customer.....

Saturday afternoon 4/18/98 I had my amp scattered about the room doing the mod heat up the normal channel, and was planning on doing the mod reverb on both channels, but I couldn't find it . So I called Torres and you guys saved the day, yall faxed the mod and I was able to us the amp that night, so I am E-mailing graditude . THANKS A BUNCH TORRES!!!!!! I'll be ordering some stuff from yall here in a day or two, and I will include the cost of the mod you sent. Better go thanks again. Thanks, Allen

Received my Rio Grandes (Tallboys and Halflbreed)with Bluescaster wiring yesterday afternoon. I installed them in my Fender American Classic Strat. Wow ... what a setup!!! They sound great!! I get my nice vintage tone when I want and an overdrive that sings on the lead pickup.. Great crunch and singing sustain. I am impressed ... it is working out better than I anticipated as I am getting a really nice overdrive tone with the mid-boost. What I like is the nice smooth tone of the pickups ... jangle without the ice pick-in-the-ear tone of the Fender "Texas Specials" I replaced.. They were flat and brittle and quickly caused ear fatigue. I am impressed with the subtle and dynamic changes I can get with minute knob tweaking on the Bluescaster wiring harness.

From Dan Torres and Staff. "One does not get better at their craft by tearing others down" - craftsmanship and skill are earned and learned with real work and concentration. Beware of the person who discredits others to gain your confidence.

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