Click to enlargeA really great kit to add an adjustable bias
to the Rivera designed Princeton Reverb II

Finally, a way to set the bias on the Fender Princeton Reverb II amp.

these great amps do not have an adjustable bias and are generally WAY off in their bias setting. Getting it set right will give you much better tone, more power, better clean and overdrive tones.

the kit is very easy to install with NO PERMANENT MODS to the amp at all. no holes drilled -

It also includes a neat bias monitor system and instructions for setting the bias correctly - plus detailed ILLUSTRATED installation instructions.

PLUS - a very cool Dan Torres Design BONUS MOD for the Princeton Reverb II.

the amp is somewhat restricted by some of its design elements. the bonus mod gives the amp a much fuller, more classic Fender tone, plus better gain from the preamp stages.

again, all easy to do, fully illustrated instructions, no permanent mods to the amp and a very dramatic tone improvement.

All parts are included in the kit.

Princeton Reverb II Bias Kit - PLUS BONUS MOD
Am4057 fender kit$19.95
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Dan's Legendary Book "Inside Tube Amps" is now available on Amazon/Kindle

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