Click to enlargeNOS. (new old stock) super high quality silver MEPCO brand
Cathode bypass capacitors. rated for 35 Volt.

ONLY the 47 MFD LEFT!!


we have run across several boxes of these caps, all new in the box (ultra nice packaging too - each cap in a separate compartment!! they must have thought a lot of them when they were made!!)

These beautiful caps are found is some of the very best stuff from the 60's 70's and 80's - we have seen them in a few Fenders, but they have always been hard to come by.

(the + side has a black insert)

Very high quality, accurate and great sounding - the supply is limited, and when they are gone, they are gone.

"How can I use 47 mfd caps?" If you replace the 25 mfd caps in the preamp with the 47 mfd it will increase the bass response of the amp.

The high quality Mepco caps will further add to the purity and tightness of that bass response.

"Staggered response" involves changing the caps at the beginning of the preamp (first two stages) to higher values, then progressively lower values towards the end of the preamp - a still tighter, more pleasing bass response.

SPECIAL FIND Mepco high quality 47 mfd bypass Capacitors
AM3387 amp capRegular price: $6.00Torres discount price: $3.50
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