An Economy Tone Frenzy kit (no tubes and hardware)
for all the "scroungers" out there

Everyone has wanted a parts kit for the Tone Frenzy Free project so here it is.

Lots of you have some parts, and/or like to find some of the more common parts used or recycled

The parts kit includes:
All the resistors for the preamp and power supply
All the capacitors for the preamp - Torres high quality orange drops
All the capacitors in the power supply
The Torres high quality point-to-point eyelet circuit board
All the transformers for the project
All the parts for the Reverb including the Accutronics reverb tank
All the tube sockets
Pilot light, fuse holder, fuse, power cord
All the jacks for the project
All the switches for the project
The choke, the reverb trans, reverb jacks
This kit does not include:
Any of the tubes
Hardware to mount tube sockets, transformers or circuit board
The amp chassis or box (available separately)
The cabinet and speaker (available separately)

Overall, most all the stuff to build the amp on a simple chassis box, an old dead amp chassis or any other place you want to

The Tone Frenzy Economy Parts kit
tone frenzyRegular price: $695.00Torres discount price: $497.95
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