Pickup makers use a lot of terms in describing pickups. Don't feel left out if you don't know them. They are based in legend and/or vintage terminology. PAF - real common. It is a shortend version of "patent applied for" the sticker found on the bottom of the pickups in the 1955 to about 1961 Gibson Guitars, most notably the Les Pauls, but also all other humbucking models. These original PAF pickups have one of the best sounds ever. In the 60's everyone searched for guitars with them So the manufacturers reproduced the tone and character by analyzing the windings and magnets.

We have several PAF style pickups listed here. All are good and compare well to my vintage original PAF guitars.

F-Spaced. A DiMarzio term. It means the pole pieces have been spaced for a Fender guitar, most notably a Strat Regular Gibson spacing does not line up with the strings when you install a Humbucker in a strat. DiMarzio fixes that.

Numbers like 6.7k - this is the DC resistance (ohms) of the pickup. It gives you an idea of how "hot" it is. But is not the whole story - pickups are inductors and the other part of the formula, the inductance (magnet and iron load in the pickup) is not measured - it can affect the tone dramatically and is a factor in modern design - 6 - 7k = fairly clean. 7k - 10k = fatter, medium hot. 11k and up, high gain pickup. Why not all high gain? High DC resistance rolls off the high frequencies. They can be restored with more magnet (which is what the designers do) but there is a limitation there - the magnet pulls the strings and makes the guitar sound out of tune on the high frets.

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